Victoria Portable Pump 230V

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Specifically designed for surgical suction. The Victoria Portable Electric Pump is designed with portability and quiet operation in mind, operating with an incredibly low noise level of 39.4dB; this suction pump is the perfect pump for use in operating theatres; emergency; recovery rooms; endoscopic and obstetric applications.

• Maintenance-free motor
• Extremely quiet operation (39.4bB)
• Pump is cooled by fan
• Overflow protection
• Illuminated on/off switch
• High performance vacuum (0-90kPa)
• Casing is made of very robust, virtually unbreakable, fire retardant material with UV protection
• Change over switch – shift the vacuum from bottle to bottle with one action.
• The Victoria Portable Pump is also available with the stainless eurorail which ensures maximum flexibility – attachments of up-to 4 jars of any size and/or any other accessories needed (Limiting water valve, suction circuit holder)