Compact Oxygen Concentrator – 5L

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Built with innovation in mind, Devilbiss’ 5 Litre Oxygen Concentrator boasts has a two-piece cabinet design that enables a 15% sound quality improvement plus an improved cooling process. Due to these improvements the wear on internal components is minimized and increases the life expectancy of the Oxygen Concentrator. It has readily accessible patient controls and protected cannula fitting, and a lockable flow meter. A paediatric flow meter is available. A recessed humidifier nook prevents damages.


• Two-year dealer service interval
• Three-year manufacturer’s warranty
• Alarms do not require a battery (alarms indicate high/low pressure, power failure, low oxygen, service required)
• Pressure compensated flow meter to ensure accurate flow display
• Pressure relief valve and thermal protection on the compressor
• Flame retardant cabinet
• Double insulated unit; two prong plugs


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