ROLLBORD – Transfer Board

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Lifting and transferring patients play a crucial role in all care sectors. The spines of the users are under constant strain when regularly transferring patients from one bed to another.

The SAMARIT ROLLBORD takes off the strain of those healthcare personnel by removing the strain on the spine caused by traditional methods. SAMARITS “no-lift transfer” method is brought to life with the ROLLBORD enabling its users to push and pull lightly with a slight assistance from gravity the patient and users are provided with a less demanding/straining task as well as safer on the patient.

SAMARIT’s wide range of ROLLBORDS is particularly suitable for use in Intensive Care, Special Wards, Operating Theatres, Radiology, Urology, Gynecology, the Emergency department and home care.

The ROLLBORD range offer multiple sizes and variations for different applications. Each listed below:

Hightec ROLLBORD “Standard”
Model No. 440.0100
Dimensions: 178 x 50 cm
SWL: 240 kg / 529 lbs
Application: Radiology, Operating Theatre, Intensive Care, and Special Wards.

Hightec ROLLBORD “ICU-Bariatric”
Model No. 440.0200
Dimensions: 178 x 50 cm
SWL: 310 kg / 684 lbs
Application: For Intensive Care (ICU), Nursing Servicing, On Air and Decubitus Mattresses.

Hightec ROLLBORD “Mini-Gyn”
Model No. 440.0300
Dimensions: 91 x 50 cm
SWL: 180 kg / 397 lbs
Application: Urology, Gynecology, Operating Theatre, Emergencies and Homes.

Hightec ROLLBORD “SurgiBoard”
Model No. 440.0400
Dimensions: 120 x 40 cm
SWL: 180 kg / 397 lbs
Application: Radiology, Operating Theatre, MRI, CT, Emergency and General Wards.