Area Valve Service Unit (AVSU) – HTM 02-01, BS EN 7396, C11, CE 0086


The Area Valve Service Units (AVSU’s) are manufactured under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems and Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (CE0086) Class IIb. They provide a local gas isolation facility for use during normal installation and maintenance or in the event of an emergency. They are built in accordance with the HTM02-01, C11 and BS EN 15908 standards and are suitable for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Oxy-Nitrous Oxide, MA4, MA7 and Vacuum.


  • The AVSU can be installed as a flush or surface mounted.
  • Housed in a steel white epoxy coated box and a key operated 90° lock for security.
  • A breakable glass front to the door gives an immediate indication as to the gas type, the valve position and the gas flow. In an emergency the glass front can be broken thus allowing access to the valve.
  • The valve type is a 90° shut off ball valve, which is operated via a handle, and each unit comes complete with a blanking plate, which can be fitted, to either side of the valve.
  • Each NIST include non-return valves with 100% sealing.
  • Non-interchangeable NIST connectors are fitted upstream and downstream of the valve. The NIST connectors provide the facility to purge a system before the working gas is introduced and also following any downstream interruption of the supply. The NIST connectors also allow for the pipeline pressure to be tested and provide an easily accessible point for gas sampling.
  • Side entry sizes available 22mm, 28mm and 42mm (other entry versions available).
  • Pressure switches if required can be fitted inside the box to enable local monitoring-see the following picture.


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