GLIDEBOARD – Sliding Board

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Greater mobility – with our GLIDEBOARD products
SAMARIT sliding boards are Nursing aids for moving a seated patient with limited forces from the middle or edge of the bed to a wheelchair; a car seat or a toilet.
Here the patient may not be able to stand but can change position when sitting independently or with the help of a healthcare professional.
While the smooth surface reduces friction resistance to a minimum; non-slip adhesive strips ensure that the GLIDEBOARD doesn’t slip away. The GLIDEBOARD is made of an unbreakable material; is acid-resistant and easy to clean and disinfect. Five versions are available for different purposes.
The SAMARIT GLIDEBOARD range has been developed for special use with the support of therapists.

The GLIDEBOARD range offer multiple sizes and variations for different applications. Each listed below:

The Biggest
Dimensions: 100 x 34 cm
SWL: 220 kg / 485 lbs
Application: From middle of the bed to wheelchair, to the toilet, to a car seat or to a chair

The Great
Dimensions: 80 x 33 cm
SWL: 220 kg / 485 lbs
Application: From edge of the bed to wheel chair

Curved (Banana Board)
Dimensions: 68 x 23 cm
SWL: 200 kg / 440 lbs
Application: Independently transport to wheel chairs, car seats or chairs

Dimensions: 50 x 21 cm
SWL: 180 kg / 397 lbs
Application: Independent transferring of themselves under their own steam

Dimensions: 63 x 23 cm
SWL: 200 kg / 440 lbs
Application: Specially designed for paraplegic patients

Sit-On Monofil
Dimensions: 30 x 45 cm
Application: Nylon tissues sliding-towel to use to slide without cloths