As COVID-19 unfolds and the world continues to fight against the disease, Keyport understands its role as a company and how it must continue operation to aid Hospitals and extended clientele around New Zealand.

Now in level 4 lockdown throughout New Zealand, Keyport continues to operate 5 days a week to ensure those needs will be received.

Keyport and its employees follow the strict guidelines set out by the Government and we urge the general public to follow these strictly if we are to beat COVID-19 as efficiently as possible. If you are unsure of what the guidelines are, click here to find out

We strongly encourage our clients to be proactive during this time. We are seeing extended lead times unfold day by day as the demand increases. Give us a call on 07 849 3766 if you are unsure of availability or have any questions.

Important notes to our customers:

  • All orders will be processed as they arrive
  • Stock is limited at the moment, please place orders sooner rather than later as supplier lead time is lengthening by the day.
  • All orders will be handled with caution and in regulation to the governments’ requirements.
  • Protect yourselves, wash your hands, practice social distancing. Do your part to help flatten the curve.
  • Be kind and stay safe