Emergency Responder Moulded Plastic Carrying Case

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Specifically designed for the rigors of the emergency medical market, this carrying case will take on all your resuscitation needs and more!

Built to withstand the blows. This carrying case allows full access to your oxygen therapy and resuscitation equipment. Its built-in cylinder cradle, with Velcro retaining strap will accommodate “D” & “Jumbo D” sized cylinders. For ease-of-use on the go, the case comes equipped with a moulded transport hole so that the case can remain closed during use when transporting patients. With the moulded retaining ring for the O-Two Medical Technologies Stacvac II Oxygen Powered Aspirator, this case meets all the needs and wants of today’s emergency medical & rescue personnel.


  • Lightweight blow moulded plastic.
  • Built-in Cylinder cradle that accommodates both “D” and “Jumbo D” cylinders.
  • Transport Hole allows the lid to remain closed during transport.
  • Large carry handle.
  • International Orange for easy visualization.


O-Two Systems