Dynamic II Pump – Battery 12V

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Compact and light-weight the Dynamic II Battery Suction Pump is suitable for use in medical centres; homecare and day surgeries. It packs a double piston; oil-free vacuum pump that guarantees a suction output of up to 20lpm. Operating with a completely maintenance-free motor; the unit allows you to control the vacuum level within the range of 0-80kPa using a vacuum gauge.
The Dynamic II Battery can be operated either via the on board battery or via the mains.
• Small and lightweight suction pump
• High suction output
• Designed for short term suction
• Maintenance-free motor
• Ergonomic vacuum regulator
• Level of Vacuum indicated on gauge
• Support of Jar
• Available with reusable and disposable jar
• 3-and-a-half-hour battery operating time
• 4.9kg – Portable and Lightweight
• Three model versions; Dynamic II w/ 0.5L, 1L or 2L poly-carbonate jar(s)