MDU – Mobile Destruction Unit

Nitrous Oxide Destruction unit, with mobility and versatility in mind. The MDU is perfect for your treatment rooms.



Like its big brother CDU (Central Destruction Unit), the mobile unit purifies more than 99 % of the Nitrous Oxide captured by the unit. This facilitates a healthy work environment for healthcare professionals while significantly reducing the climate footprint and reducing the impact on our environment.

Its innovative design with transportability in mind. The MDU is specially adapted to suit the mobile needs of healthcare professionals allowing them to use the unit in an easy and reliable manner.
The unit has room for a Nitrous Oxide cylinder (either pre-mixed or concentrated) as well as an Oxygen tube, and if needed an associated mixing unit (titration unit).

Provisions for both inhalation and exhalation equipment can be placed on the mobile unit together with gas cylinders. Inhalation devices such as demand valves or mixers can easily be placed on the MDU.
Exhalation tubes for scavenging (collect and remove) are connected to the outlet of the MDU making it a complete closed system for removal of Nitrous Oxide from ambient air.