CDU – Central Destruction Unit


A leading-edge system designed for large Nitrous Oxide destruction volumes, the CDU system accommodates multiple treatment room setups and offers caregivers an optimal method of reducing work environment risks and greenhouse gas emissions. The CDU combines low energy consumption with ease of use and operates at an efficiency level above 99%.

The CDU is combined with a fan system connecting evacuation points from each treatment room. Exhaled N2O is evacuated to the destructor and cracked into nitrogen and oxygen. Regardless of airflow and inspiration technology, we can offer solutions to accommodate any needs.

The Medclair CDU range is adaptable to the demands of any client. The CDU is compact and features tools for continuous real-time monitoring through a built-in display or through a web interface.


Energy efficient gas cleaning using unique technique

The cracking process where we ensure greenhouse gas mitigation depends on high temperatures. Realising that true green medtech is depending on all aspects of the operation being eco-friendly Medclair has developed a unique technique that results in a high degree of energy recycling significantly reducing energy consumption. We call this the “Medclair no energy waste policy”.

Using Medclair technology Nitrous Oxide contained in exhaled air is neutralized to a degree of more than 99 % using our climate-smart catalytic purification system where environmentally harmful Nitrous Oxide (N2O) gas is cracked to Nitrogen (N2) and Oxygen (O2) – the main components of the air we breathe.


Control and monitoring

The operation is continuously monitored and processing data, such as Nitrous Oxide concentration, gas flow, and energy consumption, is logged. The data is available from the built-in display as well as through a web interface. Data is presented per hour, day, and month. The unit can also be connected to most facility operational centres.


Installation and operation

The unit simply needs to be hooked up to existing ventilation and supplied with electric power.

Due to the innovative design with few moving parts, the system is quiet and vibration-free combined with high reliability and long product lifespan.