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The Equinox Relieve is designed for use in the pre-hospital (ambulance) and in-hospital use (ER, Labour and delivery etc.). The Equinox Relieve is designed to provide a 50/50 mixture of O2 (oxygen) and NO2 (Nitrous Oxide) on demand, to a conscious spontaneously breathing patient for pain relief caused by trauma or other where it is clinically specified for inhalation analgesia. The system does not have an operator or patient adjustable controls eliminating the risk of delivering a hypoxic mixture. It only requires the attachment to pressure regulated medical gas nitrous oxide and oxygen cylinders and the patient circuit with mouthpiece and scavenging hose to be ready to use.

The system consists of a dual gas control module mixing system that maintains the output gas mixture of a constant 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide mix. Both inputs have gas specific built-in alarm systems that generates both visual and audible alarms, if either the oxygen or nitrous oxide input falls below 40 PSI, and the system will automatically shut off should either the oxygen or nitrous oxide input fall below 35 PSI.

The Equinox Relieve is equip with a secondary fail-safe circuit that will activate an alarm and shut off the system should internal malfunction occur in the mixer or any internal hoses rupture or kink.

The Equinox Relieve N2O/O2 Analgesic gas mixing and delivery system has only one control for turning the system on or off device. When turned on the output of the gas mixture will only be activated by the effort by the patient. The internal demand valve delivers high flow rates with low triggering pressures, reducing the amount of effort the patient is required to maintain the demanded flow. During use, the scavenging hose on the circuit assists in scavenging the patients exhaled air away from the patient environment.

The Equinox Relieve N2O/O2 Analgesic gas mixing and delivery system is virtually maintenance free and durable. It is a safe and efficient way of delivering pain relief during trauma, childbirth or other painful procedures.

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01EQ1000 O-Two Equinox Relieve N2O/O2 Analgesic Gas Mixing and Delivery System

01EQ1000 O-Two Equinox Relieve Flush


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