Equinox II Administration System Complete

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The Equinox II Administration system is a safe and efficient way of delivering pain relief to patients during trauma, childbirth or for painful procedures.

This inhalation unit is used for the administration of 50% N2O/50% O2 analgesic gas mixture and is primarily designed for use in emergency and obstetric analgesia.

The unit consists of a single stage pressure reducing regulator, a demand valve, reinforced supply hose, and a universal oro-nasal mask. The demand valve delivers high flow rates with low triggering pressures, reducing the effort required by the patient, to maintain the demanded flow.

With a lightweight demand valve incorporates a 360° patient valve swivel housing that is simple to disassemble for cleaning. A bleed pin is included with the demand valve for efficient use to bleed the system of its residual gas after use.

The Equinox II Administration system is virtually maintenance free and a durable system that will benefit procedures that need pain relief such as, during trauma, childbirth, and other painful procedures.

Features include, a durable anodized aluminium body. A 160 lpm flow rate on demand by the patient and a fast, efficient method of delivering inhalation analgesic gas. As well as a Two-year warranty against manufacturers defects.

Part number and product description

01EQ7000E Equinox II administration system complete with regulator, bleed pin, 7-foot hose, demand valve, universal face mask, cylinder wrench

01EQ7001E Equinox II demand valve with 7-foot hose


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