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Engineering, Installation, Commissioning

Keyport’s engineering and servicing division is responsible for planning, installing and commissioning all equipment supplied by Keyport. Installation by supplier ensures that the equipment will be installed to msdfdsfsfsanufacturer specifications and required Standards. Our highly experience engineering staff offer decades of experience and the innovative thinking necessary to tackle any unique situation.

Keyport is the ideal contact if you are planning any small or large scale project. Please contact us to discuss your requirements with our engineering staff.


Medical equipment needs to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure maximum productivity. Our goal is to ensure the equipment we supply facilitates every demand placed on it throughout its working life. We recommend and carry out regular service and maintenance checks to help ensure that a high standard of performance is achieved throughout the life of your equipment. Our service department offers high-quality service and maintenance checks and can create a tailored service agreement that meets your requirements. Not only will this help sustain the life and usability of your equipment, we believe that regular servicing will:

    • Maximize maintenance quality
    • Protect your budget
    • Reduce liability
    • Insure efficient productivity
    Improve competitiveness within the industry

Our qualified staff offer over 50 years of combined medical industry experience and are available to discuss your equipment servicing needs.


Keyport is an all round medical supply and service firm. When we are asked to supply our equipment we love to go the extra step and make sure that it is installed correctly for a sustainable future in your hands. Our well trained installation and service department offer innovative thinking to tackle any unique situation.

Your investment is our priority. We take pride in the equipment that Keyport has to offer and work with you to install your new and existing equipment into the workplace with no economical disability to your staff.

Keyport is the ideal contact if you are thinking of revamping or moving operating theatres as we focus on specialist equipment such as Pendants and/or Light installations.

So if you are thinking of installing or removing specialized equipment contact us first to see if we are able to help take to burden off your shoulders.

Do you require equipment for your upcoming project? Contact us for details and a quote.