To our valued customers,

Covid-19 reentering our community – What does it mean?
Being essential we can assure our customers we will still be operating in level 4.
We guarantee we are taking precautionary steps to ensure our workplace is sanitised regularly.
Keyport and its employees follow the strict guidelines set out by the Government and we urge the general public to follow these strictly if we are to beat COVID-19 as efficiently as possible. If you are unsure of what the guidelines are, click here to find out

We strongly encourage our clients to be proactive during this time. As COVID has unfolded shipping times at current can be double what we would of once expected to be normal. For any customers requiring equipment, we urge you to get in contact with us as soon as you possibly can to ensure we can provide service/goods in a timely and efficient manner. Give us a call on 07 849 3766 for availability or have any questions. All orders can be sent to us at

Please stay safe.

Important notes to our customers:

  • All orders will be processed as they arrive.
  • The sooner you get in the sooner you can expect the goods.
  • All orders will be handled with caution and in regulation to the governments’ requirements.
  • Protect yourselves, wash your hands, practice social distancing. Lets make this a short lockdown.