SMART BAG BMV Disposable

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O-Two Medical’s SMART BAG® MO Silicone Autoclavable Bag-Valve-Mask is designed to allow the provision of consistent ventilation whilst almost entirely eliminating the risks that come with conventional BVM ventilation. Their unique actuating mechanism hidden inside the neck bushing of the SMART BAG® MO responds to the rescuer along with the patient.

By responding to the rescuer’s squeeze and release of the BVM, the SMART BAG® MO limits the excessive flow of gas into the patient’s airway, greatly reducing the risk of gastric insufflation by effectively decreasing the airway pressure generated. In a normally compliant and resistant airway, the airway pressure is limited to below the oesophageal sphincter opening pressure of 19 cm H2O.

The response by the SMART BAG® MO is proportional to the rescuers squeeze. The harder the squeeze, the greater the restriction of flow. This then alerts the rescuer to ease up on their squeeze, reducing the effort required, resulting in the airway pressure being kept to the minimum to achieve adequate ventilation. At no time is the flow of gas into the patient compromised by the SMART BAG® MO, allowing the rescuer to ventilate even the stiffest lung or most restrictive airway.

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