Equinox Advantage

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With the Equinox Advantage Oxygen/Nitrous Oxide Mixing Delivery System you’re able to control the mixture of gas and oxygen a patient will receive in order to provide the appropriate dose for the patient and the procedure. Designed to be used everywhere such as, pre-hospital (ambulance), in-hospital (ER, Labour and delivery etc,) and Dental (surgical procedures). The system is portable and easy to use, also eliminates the risk of delivering a hypoxic mixture.

The Equinox advantage has a dual gas (oxygen and nitrous oxide) control module mixing system that maintains the output of the gas mixture at a constant ratio. The system has 8 settings available, from 25% to 100% oxygen. Each of the inputs from both gases have a specific built in alarm system that generates both visual and audible alarms should either the Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide input fall below 40 PSI. An Oxygen fail safe is also provided and will provide 100% oxygen should the nitrous oxide fall below 35 PSI.

The system has two rotary control knobs, one to turn the unit On and Off and the other is to choose the selection of the Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide mixture. When turned on the output of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide gas mixture will only be activated by an inspiratory effort by the patient. The internal demand valve delivers high flow rates with low triggering pressures, which reduces the amount of effort the patient must give to maintain the demanded flow. The exhaled gas scavenging port allows the attachment of the scavenging hose to help scavenge the exhaled gas away from the patient environment.

The O-Two Equinox Advantage has a Oxygen Enrichment that allows the operators to provide up to 20 L/min of 100% oxygen through the patient circuit by depressing the Oxygen Enrichment Button.

The Equinox Advantage Analgesic Gas Mixing and Delivery System is virtually maintenance free and durable. It is a safe and efficient way of delivering a range of gas mixtures for painful procedures and traumas.


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